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Natural dog chews

Doggy Village dried chews and chews are mono-ingredient. They are not chemically enhanced or preserved, making them rich in valuable nutrients.

Dogs sense this very well and eagerly choose our dog treats.


Dried dog treats

Our natural dog chews are carefully selected and researched ingredients. We make sure that the raw material for our snacks comes only from domestic, certified slaughterhouses.

Dried dog treats are a great way to reward your pet for being good. They are also a safe alternative for dogs that have digestive issues.

Some of the benefits of Doggy Village dried dog treats are:

  • They are all natural and contain no preservatives
  • They can be given to dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • There is no risk of choking

These yummy and healthy dog treats will not only keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy, but will also help improve their mood. Your dog will love the taste and benefits.

Ingredients: sheep rumen, beef skin, beef trachea, rabbit skin, beef lungs (cubed)


Remember that the best way to reward your dog is with a delicious dog treat. That is why we have created a set for really picky dogs.

Composition: Game hides, ears and giblets.


Our dog chews are made from pure, fresh meat with no additives. They are a delightful treat that will revitalize your pooch.

Ingredients: beef rumen, beef penis, rabbit ear with fur, beef esophagus, beef lung (cubed)

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Customer feedback

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Zabawka rewelacja, szczeniak zadowolony i zajęty zabawą na pół dnia. Zdecydowanie polecam 🙂
silvette dash
silvette dash
Również polecam! Zamówiłam w dzień rano zabawkę interaktywną, wieczorem następnego dnia przesyłka była do odebrania. Dodatkowo w prezencie dostaliśmy całe opakowanie gryzakow-przysmakow;). Urządzenie solidne, zadziwiło psiaka, trochę przestraszyło na początku, ale zaciekawiło. Plusem jest to, że od razu było naładowane i po otwarciu opakowania można dać zwierzakowi do zabawy. Dziękuję;)
Małgorzata Matyla
Małgorzata Matyla
Super zabawki
Rafał Debrzak
Rafał Debrzak
Fionie się spodobał Prize Orb 🙂
Jola K
Jola K
Polecam sklep! Prowadzą osoby z sercem dla zwierząt!
vega l
vega l
My dog loves Rolling Bone. The best toy what you could get for Christmas 🙂

What are natural dog chews?

Dried dog chews are a type of dog treat that is prepared from meat portions (venison, beef, mutton, etc.). They are usually given to dogs as a snack.

Here are some benefits of using dried dog chews:

  • Dried treats are less messy than wet treats,
  • can significantly improve dental health,
  • can be stored for a long time without spoiling.

Be sure to read the ingredients and general information about Doggy Village natural dog chews:

  • Gourmet Snack Set 150g
  • Snack set for picky eaters 250g
  • Snack set for connoisseurs 150g

How are dried dog chews beneficial for your pet?

Natural dog chews are not all created equal. Some are better for dental health, some are more nutritious, and some even give your pet a good workout.

It’s important to know what your furry friend needs before you pick up a package of dried dog chews.

How often should I feed my dog dried chews?

A common misconception is that people think they need to feed their dogs dried chews every day, but this is not the case. Dried chews should be given to your dog occasionally, not daily. They work just like any other chew toy and should not be seen as the only thing you can give your pet for dental purposes.

What are the most popular dog chews?

Natural dog chews are popular with pet owners for many reasons. They can be used to curb a dog’s natural chewing behavior, help clean teeth, and even improve a dog’s dental health.

There are many different types of dog chews available, including rawhide chews, fur chews, chew sticks, and so on.

However, some brands of dog chews have quality control issues and may have been manufactured with low-quality ingredients or using unfair labor practices, causing concern for pet owners. Doggy Village natural chews are made with only natural ingredients and no artificial additives. We place considerable emphasis on quality, which is why our chews are regularly tested by state veterinary laboratories.